I went mountaineering with the national outdoor leadership school (NOLS) in 2009, and recently re-found my journal from that trip. So I've digitized it on my blog, mostly for safe keeping, but figured maybe people would want to see it too =)

I'd love to know if anyone has taken a similar trip, or has any suggestions for mountaineering adventures!


I'm up to day 4. When you crossed the river, what was going on with your feet? I assume your feet got wet, and you dried them out?

I've never done anything like what you did, just based on your first four days, but I'm working on the Adirondack High Peaks. Mostly day hikes, but I have some overnights planned this fall. Depending on what kind of suggestions you want, I'm happy to describe my hikes. The High Peaks are 4000-5000' from trailheads around 1200-1800'.

posted by rocketyak: 742 days ago