Storing & Potentially Reusing Your Own Adult Stem Cells

If you're a hubskier and you are interested in banking your cells with Forever Labs, use the referral code HUBSKIER to get the friends and family pricing. -We love you guys/gals.

People that we've talked to about FL, have a listen: kleinbl00, lil, steve, cgod, elizabeth, wasoxygen, cW, StJohn, blackbootz, goobster, insomniasexx, flagamuffin, veen, theadvancedapes, humanodon, nowaypablo, OftenBen, rob05c, sounds_sound,

Also, fwiw we are now operational in LA, San Fran, Michigan, NC, Austin/Houston and DC and NYC are up soon.

We have more exciting news coming soon. It's an interesting time in our businesses life. Someday, I'll get more time to write up some proper accounts of our journey thus far. I'll use the #sellingwithtng tag.

Anyways, have a listen and ask questions. Would love to get ya'lls take on what we are doing.



one time i sat at a table and argued with tng about why anyone would want to live longer.

i'm a fucking fool.

posted 932 days ago