LOL. It is a day of the week ending in "Y" so it is time to shit on video games for taking eyeballs off the old media people.

    A huge proportion of young men are simply dropping out of the workforce and becoming PlayStation’s willing slaves. The numbers are in a National Bureau of Economic Research study and in an essay by economist Erik Hurst of the Booth School of Economics at the University of Chicago.

Dad and Grandpa sent toe jobs overseas to boost their stock portfolio and the jobs don't exist any more. Tell some guy who has been looking for a job that does not involve "would you like fries with that" or Walmart that he is a useless sack of shit for playing video games. Go on, do it and please tell us the response.

Me being who I am, now we play the game of "Who the fuck does this guy think he is?" and I start digging. Guy has a web page that is kinda generic. He did graduate summa cum laude from Yale, so rich kid. And he writes for the National Review which makes him a TradCon. Of Course. So here we have a silver spoon kid who grew up privileged telling people with no jobs how dare they not live the life I have.

Fuck this guy.


Archetypal conservatism: condemn the effect, ignore the cause.

Why are we losing a whole generation of young men to video games? Because they occupy a sphere devoid of accomplishment. Why do they occupy a sphere devoid of accomplishment? Because the remuneration and achievement of entry-level employment has been value-engineered away. Why has the remuneration and achievement of entry-level employment been value-engineered away? Because shareholder value has replaced economic and social stability as the dominant goal of stakeholders. Why has shareholder value replaced economic and social stability as the dominant goal of stakeholders?

Because your parents fought WWII and then gave you everything so you never had to work for it, you selfish fucks, which means you don't understand what you're taking from everyone else.

Got picked up by a Lyft the other day. Infiniti Q50, dealer sticker still on. Young, attractive, distracted 20-year-old girl driving it. Now, it's possible that she staked that thing on her own and is entrepreneurealing her way up the ladder to... exactly where she is now. But it's also possible that Daddy helped her with a loan so she could get on her feet and earn a little nest-egg while she spends 2 years living at home sending out resumes waiting for an entry-level unpaid internship in whatever her degree is in.

When I was a kid, I substituted on a paper route. It was good for $20-$30 a day. But I haven't seen kids delivering newspapers in 20 years. For one thing, nobody reads newspapers. For another, there are grown-ass men who need that money.

If there's a long line of grown-ass men competing for a job that got handed to me when I was 11, I'm not going to begin to throw shade at a dude who plays Modern Warfare while he hopelessly throws resumes down the nowhere hole. Especially since he's competing against my girl in Daddy's Brand New Q50.

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