Volume 1 - Rakka

Volume 2 - Firebase

Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?

Firebase gives me vibes of the SCP Foundation and I love every minute of it. While I do think it's sort of odd that he's releasing all this stuff via Steam of all places, the footage is stunning. I think both Rakka and Firebase give some real punch to a genre that is otherwise losing some of it's vigor. Movies like Arrival aside, sci-fi film in general is getting kind of anemic in my mind. Transcendence was most guilty of this, because it pulled the biggest punch of modern cinema. If an AI got to the level depicted in the end of that movie, there would be no stopping it. No back door 'hacks' or similar tricks.

Rakka pulls no punches. Firebase pulls no punches. Admittedly, they aren't super long and don't have much opportunity to do that, but I think the point stands.

posted by OftenBen: 566 days ago