I have zero dogs in this fight. I read this though, and thought, what would Hubski say?


Cultural appropriation, here in this article defined so that it simply CANNOT be used by minorities, is a ridiculous concept.

We used to be a melting pot, now everyone is to be different or else they're post-colonial colonials.

Louis Armstrong covered La Vie en Rose in 50 and Donna Summer did it in 91. Did they culturally appropriate the French song? I mean they didn't even bother to learn French to cover it, they just pasted over it in English. They're not French. Even more, Summer just used the Louis Armstrong version. It was a cover of the cover.

If I spend 20 years practicing guitar, and learning how to sing, and doing amazing work just to get to a professional level like people from Elvis to Jack White did, just for people to say I was stealing from some other culture, it would drive me crazy.

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