And this is why I do not interact with kids unless there is at least one other adult that I trust with my life present at the event. Every interaction is in pubic with doors open and at least one other witness. I'm following the BSA model, and you can tell that some of the kids are really hurting for an adult to not treat them like shit, but sorry kids, we live in a shit world.

I've been laughed at for having this policy. Nope, this shit happens.

And I blame Oprah for this new moral panic over pedophiles.


I have been legitimately standing next to a stroller, with food in the seat, watching my daughter climb up a slide, and been grilled by concerned parents that obviously think I'm a pedophile at the playground to snatch their kids.

Because I'm male.

I have been walking in the park, with my daughter running no more than 25 yards ahead of me, clearly in view, clearly fucking related, and have had women pull their children closer to them as I walk by because obviously, a male in a park is there to snatch your kids.

Because I'm male.

posted by francopoli: 660 days ago