Uuuuh, basically, do you take notes while you read? If so, is there a method to your approach?

I've never been one for note taking (probably because they were required/graded in school) but Kant has made me reconsider.

So far I'm just yanking the section headings that he uses, and restating what he says under them. But it occurred to me that this probably wouldn't work so great with a less pedantically structured text.


Back when I was reading for grades, I'd highlight and take notes.

Now that I only read for pleasure, I let the shit wash over me. If it doesn't stick, it doesn't stick. If it's super-painful, I stop. If it's somewhere in between, I skim... or the audiobook equivalent, playing back at like 5x.

Life is too short to club yourself over the head with bad prose. This is no doubt why I've been convinced three times in my life to attempt Nietzsche, and three times in my life have landed on fuck this guy and everything he believes.

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