I read this article in March of 2016 and have since gone paleo, to some extent. I've cut my carbs, long term, 80%, and dairy 90%. My BMI is now under 24, down from 27. I'm eating less at each meal, feeling satieted longer, and don't miss refined sugars at all. On the contrary, I avoid refined sugars and grains because I can now sense the resultant swings in my blood sugar levels and realize even things like a large French fries or a coke make me feel like crap 20 minutes later.

Anyone else find similar?


mk Remember the interview we listened to the last leg of the wedding? It was with this guy.

Mk made an interesting point at the time. One of Sisson's premises is that 10,000 years is not long enough to substantially change how Homo sapiens metabolize wheat, gluten, other carb-centric foods and associated nutrients, i.e. the modern diet. Therefore, fats and proteins ought to be human staples. But mk said that 10,000 years could in fact be long enough.

On a personal note: I encountered Sisson in 2014 and have maintained what could (generously) be called a steady-state low carb diet since. Huge qualification is that I have high metabolism and naturally lean resting body weight, most likely due to ten years of gymnastics from late infancy through puberty and high sports activity since. But Sisson has been an enormous influence for me on the margins. I have fasted intermittently for four 40-day stretches (am currently on my fifth), undergo routine sprinting, and gulp heavy whipping cream and coffee for breakfast. I think of food differently, in large part because of Mark Sisson. Can't wait to read this bio.

Note: I understand people's wariness of Sisson--who wants to spend thousands of dollars on his certifications? But I haven't spent a dime on his products, and have found that his freely available material is sufficient for stimulating motivation and interest in me.

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