The four types of members interact with each other differently. For instance, the casual may be disproportionately snobbish when dealing with normies and be easily trolled by ironists. The autists may in turn have a hard time dealing with overconfident casuals, and an impossible time communicating with normies. How they behave and oscillate between the interrelated types (i.e. casual-normie link and ironist-autist link) differs depending on various factors such as the frequency of other types within the subculture. A very common phenomenon is a subculture becoming normified through an influx of casuals which leads to a disillusionment of autists, turning them into ironists who may enjoy the product or topic personally but cease to be invested in it altogether. An inverse pattern is sometimes seen when the lack of seriousness recontextualizes effort: in a community of ironists and casuals, a lone autist ‘effortposting’ can cause a huge splash as the atypical seriousness of the input proves simultaneously hilarious and useful for all members.


ThatFanficGuy this is relevant to every time you've seen francopoli use 'autist' and similar words.

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