Here is where I told them to start:

1. Badges

2. kleinbl00 and mk

3. lil

4. #writebetterdammit

5. #weeklymusicthread

6. #pubski

What should I have mentioned?

I think my #didyouknow posts are a good way to glimpse past hubskiers and past events.

Also, every newby should check out the purpose page.

But where would you direct a new hubskier? Calling out OftenBen, veen, ButterflyEffect, rd95 and others.

Also, welcome the newby... froggyflow. ff will be an awesome edition to Hubski. ff - check out the below video/podcast we made with hubskiers discussing spirituality v religion. -Thought you might dig it based on our short conversation yesterday.


Because this is a small space, people know each other better than on other forums. Because this is a small space, people have more history than on other forums. This may lead to bizarre eruptions of vitriol, or it will more likely lead to chummy in-group in-jokes that you don't get.

To get more of the latter than the former, try your hardest to assume that the douchenozzle on the other side of the screen didn't mean to be that offensive and remember that when you stop talking to someone, it makes things awkward for other people.


the most awkward-causingest mutherfucker on the site

posted 1140 days ago