I've participated in this sort of process twice - when you don't want to change anything, but legislators require you to come up with some "viable alternatives" to study, you come up with some studiously inviable alternatives. For SeaTac Airport's "viable alternatives" to a third runway, we studied a bullet train drilled through the Cascade Range to Wenatchee 4 hours away and a hydrofoil transport service to Bainbridge Island. For a billion dollar wastewater treatment plant, we studied "build it 50 feet from an existing wastewater treatment plant in a hostile district on top of prime real estate" (the local cops actually drew a gun on me while I was taking measurements) and... pipe it to Wenatchee 4 hours away.

Yeah. You're gonna get this sort of battlefield utility out of an AT-6.


The A-10 will be replaced because there is money to be made. I'm sure they'll have to scrap the new program at least once to maximize profits.

posted by kleinbl00: 705 days ago