So this guy in, I believe, Belgium has set out on doing a new font that includes glyphs for all of the so-called holy (or Ecumenical) languages in Christianity. He's also printing some samples right now, with a plan apparently to issue a book of all four Gospels in all of these languages.

Currently, he's selling a broadsheet of the first ~15 verses of John, printed in all 12 languages he's looking at. It's really beautiful typography, and a cool project from a historical point of view.


This looks beautiful, I would love to use the fonts he/she uses!

I was raised Christian, and history of religion is something I am still very much interested in - thus I have more than a couple Bibles around the house in different translations and versions. I will be keeping a close eye on this, thanks for posting.

posted by johnnyFive: 741 days ago