Men aren't porn stars. Not really. They're extras. They're props. They're stand-ins for guys everywhere. But not Mr. James Deen. Just by being, well, average (or let's say larger than average), Deen has gotten huge (oops). And what's even stranger is who he's gotten huge with (hey, we didn't mean that): women, young women, and even teenage girls. Wells Tower spends a week with the man who would apparently have the best job in the world. (He doesn't)

thenewgreen: I cracked up at this:
    A good portion of Deen's oeuvre consists of rather not-nice stuff: spitting, whipping, choking, slapping, etc. Is there anything he won't do on-camera? He will not have sex with someone who is unwilling to have sex with him. He will not have sex with men. He will not dress as a clown and have sex with someone; nor will he permit someone dressed as a clown to have sex with him. Clowns make James Deen uncomfortable.

I guess every man has a code.

posted by scrimetime: 2355 days ago