No, I'm not going to tell you that the movement isn't racist. It is. Oh god, it is.

Truly, though, this article is one of the quickest ways to ensure nobody takes a word that you say seriously. In case you wanted to be taken seriously.

Edit: If you've never seen the video that screenshot of the boy with Trump was taken from, it's a chilling insight into the influence of celebrity on (at least some of) today's youth. And maybe memes, that kid is young enough to have probably gotten it from Pepe. Earregardless, the kids' behavior at their White House visit is allowed to devolve into a very strange screaming event, it gives some commentary on the teachers and parents that were present.

Edit2: Can you hijack a handsign tho? Maybe they're actually trying.



posted by am_Unition: 782 days ago