A lot of you have been here to hear me talk about the shit I've been going through. If you're new it's right there in my profile.

Last night I told my life story as part of my intensive outpatient that I've been going to since I left residential rehab. There's an AA thing where we tell our stories to the group so they can learn from our aforementioned hope, strength and experience.

It's kinda long. Sorry. It could be longer. I've been through some shit, self imposed and outwardly afflicted. I also like spoken language more than written for its honesty, informal nature and less pretentious vocabulary and structure. (See? I would never say that last sentence out loud in a conversation.)

After my spiel the group was very supportive and impressed and I may have helped someone who heard it, which is sometimes all you can do to help someone else recover. I also start to cry at the end so you have that to look forward to. Just trying to tease you into listening to it.

Thanks guys. Stay awesome.

lil Cedar kleinbl00 (Not choosing favorites but you guys have been their in particular significance.)


12 days ago? How the hell did I miss that?

I have never listened to a 32 minute audio on the net and had no intention of listening to all that but appreciated every single second. Really well done. Great use of humor as well as an "interesting" story. I hope that you found saying all of that out loud to be really cathartic. It helped me just hearing it.

Hate to say it but I do not think there is better way to say: There but for the grace of God go I. "Alcohol has saved my life" is not something I have ever heard before but makes perfect sense. "Why would I do that?" I can relate. I can relate to a lot of your history. I enjoy one martini before dinner, a deep red with a steak or an ice cold beer out of a cooler in the summer but other than that I see no reason to drink other than to get drunk.

Just like I never took acid for the taste. I actually did have a picture of me tripping in the yearbook.

I fucking knew what girl that story was going to came back to! You are so right that if you are doing it with her as a reason that is enough for now but you know that is not enough for the long term. I was happy to hear you realize that. Nothing sticks unless you are doing it for yourself.


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