The video argues that the "religion of scientism" (I'm not making this up) brainwashers its followers into believing that we're all insignificant and meaningless, which causes us to wage wars and care far too much about material values... which somehow makes "flat earth matter".

That could've been true... if you've forgotten about the wars waged and people murdered in the name of a god, or the filthy-rich natures of kings of past.

The same person argues that we've felt better about ourselves back when religion was dominating the scene because we thought our lives had an inherent purpose. All - with cool sound effects and pictures.


I must admit that I am both fascinated and love Flat Earth theory.

There is something unique about it, since it is unlike any other conspiracy theory. There is no end game in most cases. It requires more than any conspiracy on who is behind 9/11, but it usually gives no gains to the people that are perpetrating it.

The other thing that also makes it wonderful is the fact that it is not about sight. In most conspiracy theories there is the saying "Open you eyes!" (sometimes with the addition of sheeple"). However in flat earth, sight is on the other side - look at this photo of the curve, look at ships on the horizon, so the theory recedes to touch, to feel. It doesn't have to make sense, it has to feel right.

I like the idea of flat earth, because it is such a distinct notion of not agreeing with sight in an age that is often called the most visual age in history.

posted by ThatFanficGuy: 815 days ago