TRUMP: Yeah, it's funny: One of the best chemistries I had was with (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel.

    (Crosstalk) AP: Really?

    TRUMP: Chancellor Merkel.

    TRUMP: And I guess somebody shouted out, "Shake her hand, shake her hand," you know. But I never heard it. But I had already shaken her hand four times. You know, because we were together for a long time.

    AP: Did you expect you would have good chemistry with her?

    TRUMP: No. Because, um, I'm at odds on, you know, the NATO payments and I'm at odds on immigration. We had unbelievable chemistry. And people have given me credit for having great chemistry with all of the leaders, including el-Sissi. ...

    TRUMP: So it was a great thing to see that happen.

posted by bfv: 603 days ago