Hello again Hubskinites (it's been a while)

You all have been wonderful when I'm come to you for advice.

Here I am again.

I auditioned and have been accepted to receive a Master's in Jazz Bass at The University of Missiouri - Kansas City (UMKC) Conservatory of Music and Dance. Since I'm from Kansas City I get in-state tuition. For the 2017-2018 tuition would be $2,680 (and I'm guessing the 2nd year would be comprable).

A benefit of getting a Master's is that it could get me a teaching gig. I'll be honest, I don't foresee myself teaching at a collegiate anytime in the future.

There are gaps in my playing/knowledge that I could fill on my own, but going to school would act as a catalyst to resolve them.

I'm also into the idea of forming connections and playing with people from other facets of performing arts (e.g. avant-garde dance).

It's important to note that I'm still ~$33k in debt from undergrad.

All comments welcome


Two questions:

If you don't spend those couple years for the masters, what would you be doing instead?

Is the total cost for this $5k? That's a pretty sweet deal for a degree. Will you be able to work/make money while at school?

posted by BLOB_CASTLE: 841 days ago