There's at least a couple of y'all in the DC area, right?

I'm going to a gun show in Chantilly on Sunday, April 23. My plan is to come up after breakfast, probably with my brother in tow, so hope to be there by late morning. According to the Googles, it's about 27 miles from the center of DC, mostly down I-66.

If you've never been, it can be an interesting experience and good people-watching, although it's relatively expensive ($12 after a coupon).

So if anyone wants to either come to the show or meet up for a quite bite after I'm done, that'd be great. I don't know exactly how long I'll be, but figure on getting lunch mid-to-late afternoon. I unfortunately can't cross into DC, as I'll likely have firearms to hand, and DC's gun laws are still pretty intense. Depending, I may need to stay around there (e.g. if I'm waiting for the background check to go through if I buy something, which I plan to).

Anyway, let me know if anyone's in the area and may be interested. Can't do anything late, what with it being Sunday and work in the morning, nor anything too boozy (what with having gun(s) and all). But hopefully something can still work.


Missed this post earlier, but I'm in the neighborhood and would enjoy saying hello. With weather-dependent baseball and soccer schedules, and open houses on Sunday, I am not good at making advance commitment, but if you're willing to play by ear, I could maybe drop in wherever you are.

NRA headquarters is just down the road, and the museum (open Sunday 9:30 to 5) is worth a visit. You can also shoot at the range after passing a rules safety test, $20 per hour for a lane, $15 for each additional person. It will be open 8 to 6 Sunday (reserved after 6).

The cafe is closed weekends, but there is a slew of ethnic restaurants a mile south in Fairfax Center.

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