So this week we are discussing through episode 4 of Cowboy Bebop and episode 1 of The Expanse.

Cowboy Bebop: At this point we've had most of the major characters introduced. For those who haven't really tried Cowboy Bebop before, how is the show starting to settle-in now?

The Expanse: Since we've only committed to one episode at this point, what are your thoughts on the setting? What do you think of the Belters/Earthers/Martians as differing factions of humanity with differing temperaments? For those who have read the books, what differences are there from the depiction of the universe in the show?


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So I actually enjoyed the Expanse quite a bit and am actually 4 episodes in at this point. Off the bat you get the sense that they scavenged a lot of personnel from Battlestar Galactica to create the look, sound, and feel of the universe.

One of the reasons I brought up the Belters/Earthers/Martians factions in the post is because the handling of this reminds me strongly of Clarke's multi-planetary humans in Rendezvous with Rama. I'm also pretty curious about reading the books now too.

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