A series of ads congratulating the GOP on the repeal of Obamacare aired prematurely on Friday night as millions of Americans watched basketball on television. March Madness indeed.

    "Republicans are keeping their promise with a new plan for better healthcare," says a cheery voice-over during the 30-second spot, paid for by political nonprofit American Action Network.

    The ads ran on CBS stations in several Republican-aligned regions, including Virginia, Fresno, and Des Moines, reports Deadspin. Viewers were urged to call and thank their representatives for passing the American Health Care Act on Friday, which did not happen.

Even if the vote happened on Friday, that would still be way premature. The bill hadn't even made it to the Senate.

More ironically, the members of congress that the ad suggests to thank for repealing the aca were leaning toward voting no on the ahca.

    As the Washington Examiner points out, two of the members of Congress celebrated in the advertisements – Reps. Barbara Comstock, R-Va.; and David Young, R-Iowa – were purportedly leaning towards a "no" vote on the American Health Care Act.

posted by jadedog: 729 days ago