School is in session. So many games, and I've played most of them.


Nothing personal francopoli, but I kind of hate videos like this. Ahoy's chanel in particular looks to me like someone took a few days to learn Adobe After Effects and went to town with it. It's all fancy transitions with just some surface level insights and everyone thinks it's amazing. I mean, when you write down what he actually says (taken from the subs):

    rocket launchers incorporate the propellant means within the projectile hence accelerating once fired.

    in any case launching is only the means to an end that being the delivery of a payload onto a target.

    the nickname stuck to the point that bazooka became a catch-all term for any rocket launcher old or new, a generic term that still remains in use.

    and so it was stories of war that first introduced launchers to the popular culture but as the era of action films came of age their influence would spread.

I know I'm cherry picking but I also think that there are much worse examples of this. Am I expecting too much from a simple YouTube video? I know better videos are possible and I know I could write this (hell, I have written better videos if I may say so myself). The AE can't be that difficult to make. Perhaps I'm underestimating the process behind actually making YT videos (elizabeth / kleinbl00?); perhaps I'm annoyed that I didn't do this myself, but I see so much YT videos that are less informative than a cursory Wikipedia read get hundreds of thousands of views and it just annoys the hell out of me.

posted by francopoli: 848 days ago