One of my favourite things about Hubski when I first joined were lil's writing prompts. They're less common nowadays, so I'm going to start posting some more.

Today's prompt comes from a qoute lil included with a fascinating link to a video about the Milky Way's position in the universe.


"Behold a universe so immense that I am lost in it. I no longer know where I am. I am just nothing at all. Our world is terrifying in its insignificance."

- Fontenelle, 1686


In what ways do you experience insignificance?


rd95 wrote, "In the scope of the universe, we are mere atoms, but in the scope of our own lives, we are titanic."

  In the scope of the universe

we are mere atoms


  In the face of beauty

we are mere onlookers

stupified, eyes wide

  In the presence of genius

we are mere midwives (if we are lucky)

delivering what they conceive

  In the shipyards of myself

I am Titanic moving

headlong into a glacier

sinking insignificant.

posted 1171 days ago