Rogers was one of several GOP lawmakers to dismiss Trump’s budget as a pie-in-the sky wish list with little hope of surviving negotiations in Congress. Most Republicans gave passing support to Trump’s general goal of increasing defense spending while reducing costs elsewhere in the budget. But none of the Republicans interviewed would embrace the specific White House blueprint.


Thanks for the shout out. You know, between the courts putting the kabosh on Trump's second travel ban and everyone treating this budget proposal like a joke made in poor taste, this week really feels like a week where common sense is starting to prevail again. Hopefully the trend continues, because if not, chances are the budget that finally does go through will be "interesting," though there is quite a bit of hope. One of the talking heads pointed out that a lot of these programs have survived decades of budget cuts, meaning that they're the programs that either have real and tangible value, are popular, or both. Severely gutting any of them would a pretty foolish thing to do, especially if you're a congressman that is constantly being held to some degree of credibility by your constituents.

As an aside, you hear about Rex Tillerson's remarks about North Korea? I'm not looking forward to trying to explain to my coworker tomorrow that just like Iran and China, we aren't going to let things get out of hand with them either.

posted by kleinbl00: 769 days ago