So for discussion of the first 2 episodes (anything after marked with spoilers):

Cowboy Bebop has become fairly prototypical of the space sci-fi genre, as was mentioned in the previous thread. What other popular sci-fi has been influenced or borrowed from CB?

For next week: I suggest we look at another piece of watchable media, but throw out any suggestions. There are various independent sci-fi shorts on youtube/vimeo/etc., does anyone have one they'd recommend watching?


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It's more fair to say that CB prototypes the "space western" - if most sci fi after Star Wars followed the royalty and their armadas, CB followed Han and Chewie as if they never got involved with the girl with honeybuns on her head.

CB, in my opinion, also spends more capital on an elaborate world surrounding the characters. I think that's one reason it's lasted - the storyworld is pretty rich.

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