Probably better fit for a pubski post, but what the heck.

The lacinato kale seeds just went into their starter egg cartons. Onion seeds should have gone in too by now, but the store was out and I'm not that together right now. Waiting in the wings are some corn, turnips, and beet seed packets. I'm also gonna chunk up a bunch of potatoes and plant them.

We went out and dug a few test patches to see what condition the soil was in : my parent's land used to be corn field and I was worried it would be shit: the patch they've tried to plant certainly is. But we found a nice area (hoping it's 2-ish acres) with dark, loamy soil. We're starting out small this year, but if it goes well we should have lots of room to expand.

I was going to heavily photograph the progress of our garden (I've never had one of my own), but my camera was one of the victims of a bicycle crash I had last week. I'm kinda fuzzy how it happened: I remember taking off when the light turned green, reaching down to shift, feeling the bike start to shimmy, and then falling. My helmet and backpack absorbed a lot of the impact (I got a noice concussion and a few inches of road rash on my elbow), but when I landed on my backpack I seem to have managed to score a hit to where the camera was. Bonked the body and the lens. I'm glad I was wearing the bag, though: looking at the holes worn into it, it looks like the frame held my weight and kept me aloft while I slid on it instead of my side.

Not sure what condition the bike is in yet. I'm gonna replace the handle bars for sure. Something just tells me I shouldn't trust them anymore. I'll park it and ride my Raleigh Sports for a while until I feel like striping it down and checking the frame. Or like paying the shop to do it for me. I doubt I'll ride anything this week anyways: give my noodle time to heal before I subject it to brick streets by bike.


a few thoughts in no particular order

- "2-ish acres" isn't a garden, it's a goddamn farm

- you start a lot more shit from seed than I dare to. I used kale starts and onion starts. corn, turnips and beets totally from seed. If you tell me you start tomatoes from seed I shall be cross.

- take the camera into a repair shop. at my buddy's work someone put a d810 with a 300mm on a tripod without balancing anything and it hit so hard on the concrete it literally ripped the lens mount out of the body. $300, 10 days from Nikon.

- I hate road bikes. They always feel like they're about to shimmy themselves to oblivion. This is probably why I pounded 3k miles on a hybrid last year. And if you're riding on brick... I mean, I like big, dumb, wide handlebars.

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