I wish that we would stop saying Millennials and just go back to standard age brackets like 18-24, 25-34, 35-50 etc. Millennials makes everything sound like click-bait.


What even is a millennial. My last boss was technically millennial, and he was 34. Kids in high school are supposedly millennials, too. I doubt my old boss and high school kids have much in common. Although the article's pretty good other than that.

FWIW facebook got a lot better when I un-subscribed from everyone. People can write the same articles they were writing in 2009, about how viewing other people's successes isn't healthy, but seeing everyone's successful careers, vacations, and relationships was far more entertaining than the third-rate reddit memes I used to see there more recently. Facebook's better as a contact directory anyway. My own theory is that Facebook's just living off momentum now: people check it because they've always checked it, and once they realize that they don't want to see a bunch of weird, unfunny photos that don't relate to people's lives in any substantive way, they'll all slowly drift away. There's nothing to miss out on there anymore, so maybe the fear of missing out the article site is just latent anxiety?

Personally, I took the opportunity to celebrate snapchat's IPO by deleting that. And LinkedIn made it really difficult to update my status with my new job, so I deleted that too. I only haven't deleted facebook so that I could contact old college friends if I decide I wanted to do that. From my perspective, social media's dying a slow painful death, but maybe that's different from other pesky whipper-snappers?

posted 1057 days ago