mk challenged me to write a song titled, "Dr. Huxtable." -- I think it's gonna be an album. Here is part 4. If you're interested in hearing more of these yet to come or past tracks, follow #drhuxtable and you songwriters out there, feel free to add to this project by writing your own tunes or adding to the ones I've recorded. Happy to have collaboration.

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BPM 185


You want a nibble, am I fascinating

My salvation has you salivating

Wear your patina like a nubile ring

Raise a glass and lets drink to stay young, again

Give me your keys and we will stay in bed all day

And I'll never look away

Even as your hands are praying

I'll never look away

Even as your face is melting

I'll never look away....

posted by thenewgreen: 904 days ago