I asked my fellow hubskiers to provide me with some guidance for the song I was going to write/record tonight. Here is what they gave me:

Tempo: BPM of 185 per flac

Key Signature: Key of "G" per veen

Minor Key: Chosen by Devac

Theme: Sloths chosen by Cedar

Song length: ~1.5minutes by cgod

First lyric: Chosen by zebra2

Last lyric: Chosen by kleinbl00

You are all awesome.

Lyrics below:

No Sin for the Sloth

  I am surrounded by death and destruction

I have one, two, three toes in the ground now

Should I leave my home just to see some girl

  Think I'll hang around

Not do much at all

Take my time and

Just move real slow

There's no sin for the sloth

  I jumped the loudest

That was fun. Thank you all very much! I'd like to do this again sometime. If anyone else wants to do likewise, I'd be glad to select a tempo etc. I know flac is going to do something akin. Also, hubski musicians, feel free to add to this.

For reference, see this post:


I was really keen to hear you do a 185bpm song about sloths. Hell, I was keen to hear you do a 185bpm song. That's 92 and you know it.

posted by thenewgreen: 814 days ago