This article is actually a rather accurate depiction of the political climate, which I haven't seen before in English-speaking media.

It's three weeks until our next election. Wilders is doing well in the polls, but he bailed out of two major debates this week, has shown that he does not want to cooperate with anyone else and has yet to explain what measures his party would like to take. He's going for the gut vote and I would be surprised if he actually gets anywhere near the amount of votes the polls say he'll get.

Personally I'm still undecided as to which of the centrist/leftist parties I wanna vote for.


As far as I understand it, it's on the rise all over Europe. And a lot of that is the result of the needs of the EU being honoured above the needs of citizens, the immigration crisis, dodgy trade deals being made behind closed doors, people like George Soros.

I'm just an ordinary citizen in my country whose life has only become worse while politicians get fatter and drive more expensive cars and businessmen rape us for every last cent so maybe I don't completely understand all the issues but it's starting to look more and more like the 'left' and the 'right' swapped places somewhere along the line. The 'left' is looking more and more like an aristocracy as time goes by that does whatever the fuck they want regardless of what the people want or need. Censorship is on the rise, rights are being reduced and cultures are being trampled or treated like they don't exist because white people don't have cultures and should respect everyone else before themselves.

I used to be a 'fuck borders' kind of guy. Until I grew up a little and realised that the players pushing for globalisation aren't peaceful hippies that want love and understanding, the people pushing for it are crooked puppet politicians and businessmen that want less obstacles in their way to do whatever the fuck they want. I've been as far left as it gets at times but nationalism is starting to look more attractive as the days go by. It's starting to look like the antidote to a status quo that hadn't been grounded for a very long time. Besides, the 'left' is now associated more with concern trolls, identity politics and first world cry babies thinking they know best for everyone than it ever was before.

I'm not saying that I've picked a side, just trying to give some insight on the cause of it.

posted by veen: 695 days ago