NPR has mastered the art of delivering important news, interspersed with fluff masquerading as substance.

LOL Forbes. It is true, but it's funny that NPR should be singled out when CNN exists. The page this article was on had a link to "Why Houston is on our list of America's coolest cities".

I do think that TED has lost some of its edge. Some of the talks border on common sense, feel good, or inspirational. There are plenty of great personalties featured, but some are not. Most of the biology/medical-related ones have underwhelmed me, and seemed over-sold. But that might just because I am most educated in that field.

I have to admit, I mostly skip over the TED links on Hubski. Which is probably a bad idea, considering that they've been singled out by someone here.

posted by thenewgreen: 2609 days ago