Sorry, I'll retract some of what I said. There are some rough spots (affect vs. effect, phrasing, ranting, etc.), but this caught my mind's eye:

    My private school and private college education was the deviation from the norm. My chances were better than the majority of people my age. Yet here I was stone broke. All I owned (and still own) is my college debt. So it wasn’t a surprise there were a teeming mass of people out there who knew with fatalistic certainty that there was no way out. Why not then retreat into your parents’ basements? And instead of despairing over trying and failing, celebrate not-trying? Celebrate retreating into the fantasy worlds of the computer. Steer into the skid — Pepe style. Own it. And why wouldn’t they retreat to a place like 4chan? To let their resentment and failures curdle into something solid?

I think we're starting to see what a huge influx of devalued college degrees and student loan debt is going to do to the young collective psyche. Ho boy.

posted by ButterflyEffect: 667 days ago