When I was about twenty I decided that the question of if there is a God was the most important question. After all, if Christians were to be believed when you die you either go to heaven or hell. That seemed pretty important. So I took that appropriate steps to the most important question of all by reading the bible, listening to sermons, and choosing religious studies and philosophy classes as electives. Not that you have to even try that hard because simply being honest is all it takes to see the bible is total horse shit.

I am about to say this on the internet and I am so sorry. I know *cringe not everyone is as smart as me and not everyone really cares enough to search for the truth and then is brave enough to look condemnation to hell in the face and call bullshit. But I don't think most people even walk very far down that road. That is, I feel like most long-term religious adults have never seriously thought about whether or not their religion is even true. Those that have have examined the evidence and then chose to ignore it.

Did you know only ~22% of americans are atheist and 83% are christian. 22+83=fuck. But that's what the googles tell me.

I think religious people should be treated as suffering from a mental disease similar to schizophrenia. Jesus is not coming to save you. We are on a rock in the middle of cold-deadly outer space and all we have is each other.

posted by nazisallthewaydown: 760 days ago