Are we done?


There are very few things I enjoy about this administration. On that very short list is the schadenfreude of watching two-bit demagogues and hucksters being gutted like trout by all the faceless gray men of government, the career bureaucrats for whom knife-fighting is a day at the office, the mid-level machiavellians that have been battle-hardened by a career of infighting who now find their power structure threatened by this comb-over rube and his pseudojournalistic lickspittle handlers.

There is a long list of people in power that have never been elected, will never be elected and are in it for the pension. The utter, brazen incompetence of the dozen-or-so people attempting to hold the reigns of power has to reassure them that their retirement is intact. In that environment, you're one push away from burning the place down and heading to Maui with your red stapler.

I think we're a looooooooooooong way from done.

Pretend you're RNCPRBS. You were the head of the party that now has the house, the senate, the executive and an open seat in the judicial. It's abundantly clear you're going to have to burn your president because he has no principles, no competence, no skill and no gravitas. So your curve optimization is "how much party-line idealism can you ram through before you have to impeach your guy?" Because too little and it's a squandered opportunity. Too much and you'll burn alive in 2018. And in the meantime, Steve Bannon might send Delta to go shoot the Ayatollah on a Friday night while Jared's wearing his yarmulke.

And the little gray men are sick of your shit.

posted by am_Unition: 799 days ago