“The number 100,000 sucked the air out of my lungs,” said Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg of the Legal Aid Justice Center, who represents the brothers.

    The government attorney, Erez Reuveni from the Justice Department’s Office of Immigration Litigation, could not say how many people with visas were sent back to their home countries from Dulles in response to the travel ban. However, he did say that all people with green cards who came through the airport have been let into the United States.

So... that 107 number. Yeahnotsomuch.


This is wrong. This is so wrong and so big and so horrible. Let's give a conservative number, saying that each of these people are influencial in the day to day lives of five other people. That's 600,000 lives negatively affected by this decision. If we accept that consequences have consequences, this actually affects millions of people. Family. Friends. Coworkers. Classmates. The longer it takes to fix this, the more difficult it will be to make things right again. There's nothing good about this. There's nothing right about this. There's nothing okay about this.

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