Full disclosure: I am not a conservative. Conservatives annoy me. Conservative journalists bug me a lot.

Pascal Emmanuel Gobry? Him I hate with the unquenched fire of a thousand burning suns.

Yet I share this nonetheless.

    ou don't have to fear a fascist coup to worry about an administration where people are just shooting from the hip all the time. If this is the regular order of doing business, the Trump administration will simply be a catastrophe.

    Maybe this was a screw-up by people who don't know better. Maybe they'll learn, the optimist might say. But the pessimistic scenario is that this was intentional. It's a way to keep the permanent campaign on. Let chaos reign. Bypass the normal process to consolidate power in the White House among a very small clique who make all the decisions. (The last president who did this was Nixon...)

    This executive order is wrong and troubling, in both substance and process. That is something conservatives, and all Americans, need to say — loud and clear.

posted by kleinbl00: 867 days ago