So just to be clear, I don't hate Obama in general. I'm not one of 'those'. In fact, I really like what he did with our Cuban and Iranian relations and hate what Trump is doing to our relationships now.

But, Obama is single-handedly responsible for setting the precedent that once you leave US soil you can be branded a terrorist outside of a court of law, and executed for your crimes without due process.

I've been a long-time supporter of the ACLU, and am very proud of their work. The fact that they sued him twice for these offenses should remind everyone that executive over reach is not a buzzword.

Trump will do one thing very well; bring back the anti-war liberal who has been letting their President do terrible hawkish things for the last 8 years. Gitmo? "It's not his fault." Iraq/Afghanistan/Yemen? "We're only in a training role there." (And airstrikes, and special ops raids like this one). I remember you guys were really vocal during Bush, but dis-a-fucking-peared when Obama got in. I hope you return with the fury that these crimes deserve to be punished with.

This is a decent start. Get pissed about this. She was 8. My son's 6. I would burn the world down for this.

30 people were killed, including 10 women and children. Among the dead: the 8-year-old granddaughter of Nasser al-Awlaki, Nawar, who was also the daughter of US citizen, Anwar Awlaki.

posted by rrrrr: 779 days ago