I had a birthday post planned for my 2000 hubday - then I began reading today's scary posts. I always knew there were big and important things going on that I knew nothing about. Now these things seem bigger and more important than ever. Thank you hubski rrrrr kleinbl00 and others for perspectives that I would not normally find.

Thank you hubski for providing me with a place to be funny steve and help people sometimes (you know who you are).

Thank you hubski for putting up with my #stateofthelil reports when I was in a dire state. You helped me write and laugh my way out of that state.

There is so much more, but life goes on, dammit, and so will I.


It is heartening to consider the level of crap you went through, the level of intimacy you shared with us and the level of contentment you've found.

Thank you for sharing with us.

posted by lil: 686 days ago