Yeah I call bullshit. I mean, they started the clock at 7 minutes to midnight when the US was the only nuclear power. They rolled it to three minutes to midnight when Stalin tested a (single, one only, uno, less than two) bomb. But when Khrushchev slammed his shoe on the table at the UN and said "we will bury you!" they were all "whatevs" and through the fuckin' Cuban Missile Crisis they actually rolled it back from three to twelve.

They're literally arguing we're closer to doomsday now than we were when Reagan called the Soviet Union the Evil Empire.

    In 1947 there was one technology with the

    potential to destroy the planet, and that was

    nuclear power. Today, rising temperatures,

    resulting from the industrial-scale burning of

    fossil fuels, will change life on Earth as we know

    it, potentially destroying or displacing it from

    significant portions of the world, unless action is

    taken today, and in the immediate future.

Okay, but that's not "doomsday" that's "many many many bad days of sequentially degrading quality" and rolling it back is a bit more mundane than recalling ICBMs.


    technological innovation in biology, artificial

    intelligence, and the cyber realm may pose similar

    global challenges.

...and that's just hand-wavey gray goo bullshit.

The least ZOMG WE'RE GONNA DIE the doomsday clock has ever been was seventeen minutes to midnight. I mean, fall of the Berlin Wall, democracy in Russia, Peace Dividend 1995 was fuckin' 11:43. And considering the only reason anyone ever pays attention to "the bulletin of the atomic scientists" is this scaremongering bullshit, expect more scaremongering bullshit.

posted by demure: 720 days ago