I'm starting to feel a twinge of regret/panic mixed with relief and discovery. Half the books we gave away I didn't even know we owned. I can't even remember all of the books we just let go of. What if we gave something away we're gonna regret? I was pretty confident on my end because if I felt the slightest hesitation, I said, "No, let's keep that," but I kind of got caught up in the excitement of making room on our bookshelves. Though, what if one or two slipped through?

And we kept a lot. We came across so many books we weren't ready to give up just yet, a German/English translation book published by Barnes and Noble in the '60s, some old engineering and computer science textbooks from the '70s, a few art books, design books, etc. I didn't even know we had half these books, but it makes sense that we do. They fit us perfectly. They fit our library perfectly. We have good taste.

Down the road, if we let some of the better books go, I want them to be as gifts to people we know would appreciate them the way we do. I think it'll be easier for me to let go and more fair for the books.

posted by user-inactivated: 902 days ago