This is the only actionable piece in your article.

    The only thing we can do is try to keep as much power out of his hands as possible.

How are you proposing to do that?

Some articles on narcissism and leadership. It would be unsurprising if Trump is a narcissist. Many leaders are. It would be equally unsurprising if those around him are narcissists as well. According to some, it takes a narcissist to run for the office of the President of the US.

Narcissists Tend to Become Leaders from Live Science

    "Many people have observed that it takes a narcissistic person to run for president of the United States," Brunell said. "I would be surprised if any of the candidates who have run weren’t higher than average in narcissism."

Narcissism and Leadership in Psychology Today

    Narcissists have a knack for getting into positions of power and authority (although they likely become MORE narcissistic once they are in power). Moreover, some of these narcissists are effective leaders - some are terribly effective (and evil)

Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons in Harvard Business Review

    The times have changed, and we’ve learned a lot about the dangers of overreliance on big personalities, but that doesn’t mean narcissism can’t be a useful leadership trait. There’s certainly a dark side to narcissism—narcissists, Freud told us, are emotionally isolated and highly distrustful. They’re usually poor listeners and lack empathy. Perceived threats can trigger rage. The challenge today—as Maccoby understood it to be four years ago—is to take advantage of their strengths while tempering their weaknesses.

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