This Grubski challenge is silly simple. Buy a steak and cook it. Could be any cut, could be any type of meat. Get creative if you can. Would love to learn some new methods. Shoutout to past participants. See my submission in the comments. I'll run this till Feb 1st. Don't be afraid to participate.


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For Christmas my brother gifted me a sous vide cooker. I'm new to all this, but I'm instantly hooked. Tonight I cooked a meal for my mother and my family.

New York Strip, couscous, guacamole and sliced chicken thigh

Placed chicken thighs in a bag with olive oil, some soy sauce and rosemary sprigs. Did the same with the strip.

Then they cooked for 2 hours in 139 degree, circulating water. My phone alerted me when they were done. -Internet of things. Yay!

Then I finished them in a crap ton of butter:

The strip was amazing and the chicken thighs are more like duck breast than chicken thigh.

Made some fresh guac and some couscous, thinly sliced the chicken and garnished with it. Crispy on the outside and so succulent on the inside. I took red wine and scraped the pan with the butter and used it as a garnishing sauce. The strip was perfection and had a subtle rosemary flavor.

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