It comes in two versions: for Python and Julia programming languages. I'm about halfway through the 'advanced applications' section and decided to share the resource. I'll start with a pros/cons list and try to expand upon it below.


- Starts from teaching you how to setup your programming environment and basic programming concepts. You will also learn about basics of certain utilities like Git and language documentation. Big bonus if you never programmed before or only just started.

- Each section ends with a set of exercises. Exercises are actually solved and come with an added explanation.

- Associated with the course forum is not a bad resource.

- The difficulty curve is fairly smooth.

- Book does not shy away from maths.

- It's very focused and stays on topic.


- Mentioned forum, while helpful, isn't very active.

- If you don't have much background in more general economics you will need to do some reading. It probably took me more time than the actual course so far.

- Prerequisite mathematics isn't insane but perhaps isn't for everybody. It's mostly the basics of linear algebra (really good textbook imo) and first-semester calculus.

- It could amazingly benefit from some video lecture to go in parallel with the course.

I'm enjoying the course so far, probably for the first time when it comes to anything related to economics. I'm very math-oriented, so it's not a surprise for anyone that I prefer this over people droning about taxation doctrines that will inevitably end with ad hominem. It's not for everybody, but economics itself isn't for everybody. This whole course is a subset of something that isn't for everybody. But the presentation is pretty neat, and I'm thinking that people who are actually savvy in economics could benefit from giving it a closer look. Plus such person would end this course armed with a damn powerful tool: basic programming. Combine it with a resource like Calling Bullshit and I would argue that most discussions about models will get a lot clearer.

Overall, I feel like it is an amazing supplementary resource. Probably not so much when taken as a stand-alone compendium, which it isn't.

posted by Devac: 787 days ago