"I don’t front, bro. I don’t claim to be something I’m not. That’s why I said, ‘I’m not a rapper.’ I’m not some lyrical dude; it’d be ridiculous for me to say that. I’m not out here acting like some goon or thug. I never try to portray a lifestyle that I do not live, bro. I know where I come from and I’ve never tried to act like something I’m not. I try to keep things real, I try to promote positivity — not smoking, not drinking, voting, and still people just fucking hate me.” He stops and laughs. “But those people honestly don’t know anything about me, at all. They heard '1 Night' or 'Broccoli' and heard about me saying I don’t know five Tupac or Biggie songs — which only came about from me fucking around on Hot 97 — and … REALLY? COME ON! AAAGHHH! LIKE, GOD, BRO, WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?”

posted by galen: 740 days ago