Most people here are at least tangentially aware of Poe's Law, one of the 15 fundamental Laws governing Internet Discourse.

The satire and trolling we are about to experience is going to be monumental. The Internet culture and how it interacts with the President Elect will fill the discussion on his presidency-for better or worse. I'm walking into this adventure as a guy who was the troll, knows current trolls, and has in the past exposed trolls. EVERYTHING that hits the pop culture buttons should be looked at as fake until proven accurate and true.

Buckle up, everyone, the ride is about to start.


About to? Hasn't it been going on for the last month?

Just seconds ago, I read a comment about Trump's twitter feed. Was it real or a parody? I don't know.

Every post about Trump is barely substantiated or its evidence is an article that is unsubstantiated and that may or may not be a parody. I've seen people arguing with articles that read like parodies to me.

Where do we find this proven accurate and true information? Generally, you'd have to trust the source. When all sources can't be trusted to not be satirizing, that leaves fewer and fewer ways to find this slowly evaporating proven accurate and true information.

Edit: More and more, I'm seeing more of the Law of the Echo Chamber.

    "If you feel comfortable enough to post an opinion of any importance on any given Internet site, you are most likely delivering that opinion to people who already agree with you."

posted by francopoli: 864 days ago