To sum up, a fractured Republican Party, an empowered Democratic Party, and the very real potential for a government shutdown. Those are the risks Republicans undertake in trying to fund Trump's border wall without Mexico's help.


And at some point someone will point out that fully 80% of illegal immigrants in the USA came here on fucking airplanes and simply overstayed their visas.

Or that the net illegal immigration from Mexico is offset 100% by illegal aliens voluntarily going back to Mexico of their own volition.

So we are building a wall to ... protect ... what? from what?

Not to mention that if the INS actually did its job well, we would have zero fresh fruit and produce in our supermarkets, because I sure as hell don't see a lot of American citizens willing to work for $6/hr bent over in the sun all day...

At some point a senior Republican deficit hawk (Ryan? Rubio? Cruz?) is going to stand up in Congress and say these very things. And that day, my friends, will be a very interesting one, indeed.

posted by kleinbl00: 834 days ago