I was overseas at one of his resorts. I remember wanting to make a post to Hubski about how cool it was and he was actually a fun guy to talk to, but at the same time totally surreal. There were piranhas kept in the toilet and a model of what I think were the Egyptian pyramids and two busts that were even larger, one of Trump and another of a politician that looked like a macho Drew Carrey, facing eachother.

Trump abandoned me to go to a meeting. I don't remember why, but it became an emergency that I get home ASAP. I had no passport. Someone planted damning information in my email guaranteed to get me arrested when I got home. The piranhas were starting to eat each other in the toilet. My only hope of getting home was through the help of some crazy man with indecipherable tattoos and I'm pretty sure he was spinning a yarn made of pure bullshit. I was doomed.

Then I woke up.

The flu people. What. The. Fuck?


Macho Drew Carey

USMC 1980-86

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