I've been coming to the hypothesis that the current renaissance in "tiny homes" (that are trailers, and whose owners are glamorized and settings hyped up but are often parked in trailer parks) comes from a need for a sense of community and ownership amongst a demographic that has no real hope of affording membership in a traditional community. In watching real estate as closely as I do, the language used around trailer parks is invariably predatory.

I'd really like to see the entire premise of "trailer parks" remade. Much as I rag on "tiny homes" this is an attempt at doing just that. And as housing prices go up, that's exactly what happens. Friend of mine almost bought into Tahitian Terrace:

His "rent" would have been $1200 a month. But then, he would have had to have bought a $350k house in order to pay that rent.

posted by user-inactivated: 752 days ago