But the Victorians played an altogether tougher version in which, according to a contemporary chronicler, “it is lawful to set anything in the way for Folks to tumble over, whether it be to break Arms, Legs or Heads, ‘tis no matter.” So painful and numerous were the injuries caused by playing Buff that it was rumored that the game had been invented by “Country Bone Setters” as a way of ensuring business.


My wife's comment upon hearing the description of Snapdragon was "why are there not college kids playing this all over?" A brief perusal of youtube makes it look fuckin' awesome.

It's worth noting that much victorian literature has a shit-ton of exaggeration built in, particularly when the author disapproves, so the whole "country bone setters" thing is kinda like Jimmy Swaggart talking about rock music. Remember - this is a culture without aspirin, antibiotics or germ theory. Injury was a bigger deal back then.

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