No one is more obnoxious than "I see both sides of the issue!" guy. It somehow combines smugness and laziness. "I hear what you're saying about the pack of wolves that ate your wife, but I can also see their side of the issue!" Yes, you're so enlightened.

    And yet ...

    I recently wrote a thing about how a younger version of me would probably have voted for Donald Trump, and then that thing got read by 10 million fucking people. Then Trump, much to everyone's surprise, actually got elected, and now my most treasured friends are talking about concentration camps. To them, that article now looks like the confessions of an actual former Nazi.

    Only ... I never felt like I escaped a hate group or cult. All of that stuff made sense to me at the time, and the people I know on that side don't sound like brainwashed monsters to me, they sound ... well, like a younger me.

posted by raisin: 938 days ago